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Our First Art Museum

We visited the Fort Wayne Museum of Art for the first time. On the last Saturday of the month, the museum offers $1 general admission. It is the best time to take small children with limited attention spans, especially for a first visit.

Having fun in the Early Learning Center at the Fort Wayne Museum of Art

I saw on Facebook that the museum had a discounted admission, so I planned that day for our visit. I checked the website to see what exhibits were being shown and general museum rules. The kids and I talked about rules (inside voices, walking feet, no touching).

We walked through most of the museum, but didn’t get a chance to see or read all of the displayed art. They had exhibits on cut glass that was very pretty, The Art of Seating, and contemporary photography. Lily was really interested in the different materials used to make the chairs and the process of making some of the photographs.

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