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The Final Ortho Update


After a LONG three weeks of a walking boot (less if you factor in that he figured out how to take it off and put it on when I wasn’t around), Navy no longer needs to wear his walking boot!!

The doctor even joked that he didn’t need to see him anymore for this injury, but wouldn’t be surprised if he saw him in the future. He knows Navy too well…

We celebrated by having a delicious ice cream sundae, and he was finally able to wear his new Paw Patrol snow boots (even though we still don’t have snow).

Glad to get that wrapped up before our insurance deductible renews!

Ortho Update


Navy was upgraded to a walking boot.

After a LONG two weeks in a hard half-cast, Navy’s foot has heeled enough to use a walking boot. He won’t have to use his walker anymore, and he can take it off to take a bath!

He goes back to Fort Wayne Orthopedics in 3 weeks. Hopefully we’ll graduate to wearing both shoes again!

(It would also be nice to get this wrapped up before insurance deductibles start over again in January.)

Navy Got His Walker!


Navy did pretty well in his stroller today.

We had an appointment at Fort Wayne Orthopedics to get him fitted for a pediatric walker. Yes, it is ridiculously cute to see him hop along with his walker.

Hopefully, we don’t have any medical visits until his ortho follow-up.

*fingers crossed*

If It’s a Dare, You Have To!

After a busy day of drop offs, pick ups, and errands, I took the kids to the park to run off some energy. It was a nice day, and there were still some patches of snow on the ground.

They were playing so well together. Swinging on the monkey bars giggling. I hung back because my mere presence seems to tip the balance.

They moved to the slide/climbing platform to play ogre tag. I don’t know the rules they made up, and I really don’t think they do either. They were just having fun and sliding into little piles of snow at the ends of the slides.

Then, it happened. He jumped.

He landed on his feet and seemed to be okay. He tried to stand up and started to fuss before sitting in the wet snow.

I took his boot off, and there was no obvious trauma, but he refused to stand on his own.

My boy was hurt.

Thankfully, RediMed is really close to the park.

While I was filling out his paperwork, he was talking around the waiting room to get to the toys. I started to think he was faking it.

During the exam, he only had pain in one spot. When asked why he jumped, he told the PA that his sister dared him to. An x-ray was ordered, just to be on the safe side.


Navy broke his 3rd and 4th tarsals.

He wasn’t faking it. He broke two bones in his foot. Since he has jumped off of the x-ray table (yes, really), we were referred to Fort Wayne Orthopedics for a cast.


After a rough evening, we had a fast food dinner and headed home.


Navy was so exhausted from his day!

He will be in this cast for 2 weeks, then we go back to see how the bone is healing.

Tomorrow, we need to see about getting him a walker.

Fun times!