Project 365: Day 19 – Keep the Home Fire Burning


I hated my fireplace. When I was looking at houses, I didn’t even want one in the house. Not that we have ever used ours, but still, didn’t want one.

I hated everything about ours. The brick. The closure. The mantel. Everything.

I’ve talked to Darian from Krauss Heating & Cooling about installing a gas fireplace in the house. Not right now, but I wanna know what I’m looking at price-wise.

When we went to visit some friends at Hampton Inn, this was the fireplace in their lobby. Lily loves it. I loved it it kind of gives me something to go on, with what I want in our home.

Though I very much dislike our fireplace as it is now, I can see the potential in it. I hope that some day, our fireplace will look similar to this.

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