Project 365: Day 27 – The Art of Photography


I want to get more creative with my pictures. Not always just a snapshot. I have always been interested in photography, but I want to develop that a bit.

With wide and energetic children, often times, I just snap the picture so I have some record of the events. The perfect shot comes moments later, without fail. A picture that I rarely capture.

I don’t want to go all crazy and spend a ton of money in a new camera and photo editing software. I really want to learn go use what I have, a cheap-and-shoot and my camera phone.

Tonight, just a simple spoon. On the counter. A dirty counter at that. I like how part of it is in focus and other parts aren’t. It’s a start on my photographic journey.

Follow the pictorial road. Follow the pictorial road. Follow, follow, follow, follow! Follow the pictorial road.

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