Happy 3rd Birthday, Hayden!


Today, we celebrated the third birthday of my friend’s son, Hayden. I cannot believe he is 3 already. I remember her status updates on Facebook about going to the hospital, and the first family picture she posted after he was born. Now, he’s 3.


Not too sure what to think of being the center of attention while everyone same Happy Birthday to him.


After some coaching from Daddy, and help from Mommy, birthday boy Hayden blew out his candle.


Being a total cheeseball while opening his gifts. Toys got rave reviews. Clothes got tossed. Literally. Silly Hayden!


The best gift ever!! Hayden got a new bike, and Daddy was helping him ride it. We know what Eric will be teaching Hayden to do this summer.

Happy 3rd birthday, sweet boy!

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