Prettiest Bird Bath on the Block

Yet another idea that originally came from Pinterest.

One of my Pinterest friends posted a pin to More Backyard Inspiration. It a bright, colorful do-it-yourself bird bath. I thought, “I can do that!


1.) Clay/terra cotta pots. Pick them at 2-inch intervals. Mine are 8-inches, 6-inches, 4-inches.
2.) Clay/terra cotta saucer. You will want this to be about 2 inches larger than your largest pot. My saucer is 10-inches.
3.) Paint. I used acryllic because it’s what I had for another project.
4.) Adhesive. I used Liquid Nails.
5.) Sealant. I used spray enamel.

Of course, I didn’t take pictures of the process, thankfully it’s not too complicated.

1.) Paint the pots. Acryllic paint needs some time to dry in between coats. I painted each piece a different color and set them out in the sun to dry before adding a second and third coat of paint.

2.) Spray with enamel. I used one with a satin finish to make my pots shiny in the sun. This step seals the pots so they’ll be water resistant and easier to clean. It will also help keep the paint from chipping. I did 2 coats of enamel, just to make sure the pots were well coated.

WARNING! — The next step can result in broken pots if you’re not careful. I will not tell you how I know that. 

3.) Assembly. I suggest a “test assembly,” without glue first. Twist the pots around gently to get the best fit, as my pots didn’t perfectly stack, and even with sanding and such had some uneven edges. Apply glue the the inside edge of the smaller pot and stack. Too much pressure forcing the smaller pot down will break the pot, so be careful. For the saucer, add glue to the bottom of the smallest pot, then center saucer on it.

4.) Dry! It will need quite a while for the Liquid Nails to dry. I would suggest overnight, just to be on the safe side.

We put a shepherd’s hook with a bird feeder near the bath, and the birds have really been enjoying it.

We plan to make a bigger version of this bird bath for another part of the yard and because this one is the perfect size for my 1-year-old to play in, which makes my 5-year-old jealous.

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