Butterfly Footprints

Another idea from Pinterest, of course.


– Canvas
– Paint (we used acrylic)
– Paintbrushes / cotton swabs
– Spray enamel

I picked green and blue paint for the wings and painted Navy’s feet (one at a time) green. Clean, repeat with blue.


While the butterfly wings dried, I gave Navy a quick bath.


I started using a small paintbrush for the bodies, but switched to a cotton swab because it gave smoother lines.


Using another swab, I painted Navy’s name (which is really Nicholas) on the canvas.


That dried for an hour or so, then I sprayed it with the enamel, which dries in 10 minutes, but will need to be in a well-ventilated area for a couple of hours.

Note: I tried to find the original, but the website appears to be shut down, and the company didn’t respond to a Facebook message, either.

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