Framed Monogram Wall Art

Yes, Pinterest. Again.


When we first moved into our house, I painted Lily’s room pink. She wasn’t quite 3 and didn’t have a favorite color yet. So, I picked.

Now, at 5, her favorite color is blue. Everything in her room, from her walls with My Little Pony stickers to her Dora the Explorer sheets, is pink. Her area rug is even predominantly pink, with purple being a close second.

Most likely the next color we paint will be a light brown to make it warm and inviting to sell the house. So, we are trying to personalize Lily’s space, while still working with what’s all ready in place.


The answer the the question: What am I going to do with this glittering scrapbook paper?

– scrapbook paper
– picture frame
– letter
– paint
– adhesive (E-6000 or Gorilla Glue)


I painted the letter already because I got in a hurry and forgot to take a picture.


Disassemble to frame. Discard the glass (or save for another project). Paint the frame.


Lily wanted a little more sparkle, so I used some purple glitter paint on top of the purple paint.


Glue the letter to the paper. I used E-6000, but Gorilla Glue or any strong craft adhesive would most likely work.


After everything is dry, put the scrapbook paper in the frame. It’s ready to hang on the wall.

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