Project 365: Day 156 – Cilantro Lime Chicken


I like making good dinners for my family, especially when I’ve been off for the day, but for days that I work, I’m working out shortcuts.

The chicken was pre-baked in the deli at Kroger. I went in the evening, so it was half price. That made it cheaper than the uncooked version in the meat section.

I cut up carrots and tossed in fingerling potatoes, followed by quartered onions.

I cut a lime in half and drizzled the juice over the chicken and vegetables. I stuffed the rind in the chicken. The other half was cut into 4 wedges and scattered with the vegetables.

I trimmed the cilantro and sprinkled it over the chicken and vegetables. I put a bunch of cilantro and 2 chunks of onion in the chicken with the lime rind.

Bake about 30 minutes at 350*F.

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