Where In the World: Places I Want to Go


When I was younger, we always went to the same place for a yearly, week-long vacation. I have lots of fun memories of the trips we took.

I’ve taken the kids on short day trips, like our recent trip to Portage, Michigan.

I’ve also taken them on long trips. Lily and I went to Texas in 2008. Navy came along when we went again in 2011.

Henry and I went to Vegas, sans kids, in 2012. It was strange not to have them, but nice for it to just be us for a couple of days.

Watching the History Channel has given me tons of ideas for places that I would like to visit.

Right now, I am working on my mega list. Everywhere in the United States that I would like to visit. Cities, specific attractions, all if it.

So far, I have 17 places. Some that we can do as day/weekend trips. For example, Binder Park Zoo in Battle Creek, Michigan. That can easily be a day trip. Others, like Disney World and Washington D.C., are going to take more planning (and money).

I’m up for suggestions!

What’s on your list?
Where have you gone?

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