Navy’s Eczema


Navy's Eczema

We have struggled to cover Navy’s eczema his whole life. All two-and-a-half years of it.

Hydrocortisone creams with allergy medicine. Oatmeal baths. Diet elimination.

I just could not bring myself to get the steroid shots. Not yet. Not this young. The risks and side effects were not worth the benefits.

It was hard seeing my son claw his legs and feet raw. When he would whimper in pain because he’d scratched a spot until it was bleeding.

Thankfully, I know some pretty amazing people.

We started seeing Dr. Kyler at Fort Wayne Dermatology Consultants about two years ago. He prescribed an ointment, Betamethosone Diproprionate, that yielded promising results.

Our friends, Joe and Lee, from Bored Otter Farm make a honey oatmeal soap that helps with the eczema, and the seasonally dry patches on the rest of his body.

Melissa also made Navy a special eczema blend from her doTERRA Wellness Store. I sprayed it in the bath as I was running his water.

Each brought about positive change foe Navy’s skin, but it wasn’t until we’d used all three together for a couple of weeks that his legs were the clearest they’ve been in years.

I’m so grateful for each of these people and the efforts they’ve made to help Navy feel better!

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