Take Me Out to the…Ice Rink


Let's Go Komets!

We had an opportunity to get Fort Wayne Komets tickets for free through Lily’s school and were lucky enough to “win” the lottery draw.
It was Navy’s first hockey game. Lily hadn’t been since she was about 18-months-old.

The Komets took on the Wheeling Nailers. It got off to a great start, but after the Komets scored a second goal, Wheeling stomped all over us.

Interesting fact: The Wheeling Mailers are from West Virginia, not Illinois.


I always try to add the visiting team on Twitter. It’s more fun to RT them when they’re losing to our team!

Navy got rather restless in the 3rd period, and it looked like the Komets weren’t gonna be able to score, so Navy and I walked around. He loved watching the TVs.

The game ended 6-2, Nailers. Our team make have lost, but we still had fun!

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