The Santa Train

With as much Navy loves trains, I was excited to find out that the Fort Wayne Railroad Historical Society had an event where kids could ride the train with Santa!

The set up toy trains really helped make the ling wait more bearable for the kids.

Lily was really good and very patient.

As usual, Navy was all over the place!

All of the coal they have loaded onto Nickel Plate 765. Many, many tons! Lots of water is also needed to make this Berkshire steam locomotive go!

Navy loved being able to sit in the engineer’s seat inside the cabin of the old steam engine.

All stop! Navy pulling the brake.


All aboard!

My little railroad man!


Standing by a wheel.

You can get a sense of just how big this train is. Navy is standing next to one of the larger wheels on the front.


Nickel Plate 765

Nickel Plate 765.

Lily, sitting on the front of the Nickel Plate 765. I wasn’t able to get her and the front of the train because it is just that big.

And, this is where my camera battery died, so there are no pictures of the kids on the train with Santa. Definitely going to try to do this next week and plan better!


Fort Wayne Railroad Historical Society

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