Sunday Sundae on a Monday

Happy National Ice Cream Month!

Just Cream - Ice Cream Boutique

Yesterday was so busy and exhausting that we were too tired after our guests left. We didn’t want to drag two kids out for ice cream. National ice cream month or not. It was not worth it.

I’m glad we waited.

I asked around for some recommendations for unique ice cream spots that we hadn’t been to yet. The Internet never disappoints!

My only complaint was that we went at a peak time, around 7pm. While there wasn’t a line to get ice cream, all of the indoor seating was full. We sat outside, thankfully, it wasn’t hot or humid.

I really wish that I would have looked at the menu a little more in-depth before ordering. I went strictly with an ice cream cone in mind. I completely ignored their coffee offerings! I definitely need to make a return trip to try those!

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Address: 338 E Dupont Rd, Fort Wayne, IN 46825

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