National Ice Cream Day

Happy National Ice Cream Day!


Today, we took Lily to Girl Scout camp, so we stopped along the way to celebration National Ice Cream Day. It also happens to be National Ice Cream Month!

We went to yo 2 go in Columbia City. Yes, it’s frozen yogurt, and not technically ice cream, but we haven’t been here in forever!

I have tried the Vanilla and Orange Sorbet.  I really wish that they would have Cake Batter on my visits. Their topping selection doesn’t have all of the fresh fruits that I would like, but there are other goodies that make up for it (mini peanut butter cups, lots of different nuts, crushed Butterfingers).

I love that they have higher quality spoons that we can take home and wash, as opposed to the plastic spoons that many places have. We save our spoons from each visit. The kids love using them at home.

I also really love that this is a small town, family owned business. They started it due to their own son’s dairy allergy.  There’s the sweet story here.

130 W Van Buren St, Columbia City, IN 46725

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