Fishing with Navy


It was just us tonight. Doug had to work a double, so he wasn’t able to deal with all of my fishing pole issues. I hate open reel poles. Things do not go well for me.

Navy and I did got an get some new bobbers, weights, and crappie bait. I seem to have misplaced my tackle box. Not sure if I should look for it, or just put a new one together in the meantime. Ah, the joys of having moved recently!


It was another peaceful night on the pond, minus when we were walking, and I almost stepped on two garter snakes. I screamed. They slithered away. Fun.

We caught another glimpse of the sea monster. It would get near our line but didn’t take the bait. I’m really curious to see what it is. Navy thinks it’s a giant turtle, but it didn’t look like any turtle I’ve every seen. I’m thinking that it’s a smaller version of the Loch Ness Monster.

We need to go fishing again soon! I’d love for us to actually catch our dinner!

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