Whippy Dippin’ for Dinner

Happy National Ice Cream Month!


With Lily at camp for the week, this week has been all about Navy. Tomorrow, I go pick up Lily, so Navy and I are having one last little bit of fun, just the two of us!

After getting gas, we headed to Monroeville. Navy wasn’t sure why because it was a surprise. The only thing he knew was that we were going out for dinner.


He ordered a plain hot dog because, of course he did. I got a ooey, gooey bacon cheeseburger with onion rings. Yes. Really. After two days of eating salads, I went all out.


With it still being National Ice Cream Month, we had ice cream for dessert. I was stuffed, so I got a simple chocolate baby cone. Navy got a sundae with blue goo flavor burst on the edge, sprinkles, and two cherries! I really should have got a bigger cone and had it dipped in chocolate, that’s my favorite.

My Facebook review: Happy National Ice Cream Month!! ~*~ We had a mother-son dinner date. The girl that took our order was so kind to my very talkative 6yo. She told him about the different flavor bursts and even put 2 cherries on his sundae!!! The bacon cheeseburger was gooey. I can see repeat trips in our future!


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Address: 209 E South St, Monroeville, IN 46773.

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