What I Really Thought of Hello Fresh

img_9071-1I tried Hello Fresh when I got $30 off my first box.

We had Maple Glazed Chicken and Crispy Frico Burgers.

The $39.92 for the first box, with two meals, that’s not a bad price. It was a good meal at just under $5 a serving. I can justify that a few days a week.

However, the $69.92 makes it $8.74 a serving. For a family of four on a budget, that’s a little pricey for 2 meals. That could easily be 3-4 meals if I did all of the meal planning.

img_9175You are paying for convenience. Healthy foods tend to cost more. These are things to keep in mind when subscribing to Hello Fresh.

I also liked the cooking lesson aspect. It wasn’t just following a recipe, but the step-by-step instructions on how to make the sauces and plan them to make sure everything is done and hot at the same time. Something to keep in mind!

Will I order again?
Yes, but it won’t be a weekly thing. I can’t justify the cost. However, when I know that we have a crazy week coming up, I will definitely have a Hello Fresh box delivered. All of the meal planning is done, and the prep is minimal. I real meal, on the table, in 30-45 minutes with fresh ingredients. Yes, please!

Please Note: I paid for this Hello Fresh box. I was not compensated for this review of our first time using their service. If you have any questions, please contact me or see My Disclosure Policy.

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