Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo


I chaperoned Navy’s field trip to the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo. I was a little too chilly for me, but the boys in my group didn’t seem to mind that it was overcast, slightly breeze, or cold. Kids. Field trip. Not at school. Yeah, they could have cared less about the temperature.


Part of the zoo is under construction, but that wasn’t a big deal. We’ve seen the monkeys before. Since it was cooler, lots of the animals were out and about. With 3 very active boys, it wasn’t a problem to get through all of the zoo in the time that we had. It also wasn’t very busy because school was still in session.

As a family, we have a membership to the zoo. There isn’t the pressure to go through everything in one day. We have go to one section, then go home. It also gives perks, like discounted admission to several other zoos around the country. (We used ours at the zoo in Dallas several years ago.)

Plan a visit to the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo.

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