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Two-EE’s Winery


Since I enjoyed the visit to the winery last weekend, we decided to make a date night out of it. We are already fans of Two-EE’s wine, but had never visited. It’s so close, too. No excuses! Continue reading

Country Heritage Winery


I recently made my first tip to a winery with some friends. Thankfully, I’d attended a wine tasting party a few months ago, so I had some clue of what I was doing, or at least I looked like I did. Continue reading

Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo


I chaperoned Navy’s field trip to the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo. I was a little too chilly for me, but the boys in my group didn’t seem to mind that it was overcast, slightly breeze, or cold. Kids. Field trip. Not at school. Yeah, they could have cared less about the temperature. Continue reading