Two-EE’s Winery


Since I enjoyed the visit to the winery last weekend, we decided to make a date night out of it. We are already fans of Two-EE’s wine, but had never visited. It’s so close, too. No excuses!


We tried Diamond. It was good, but the Granny Smith apples and lemon were a little too tart to for.

Next, I tried Strawberry. It was good, but not something to just sip while listening to the band play on the patio. Doug had Peach, which was delicious. We bought two bottles.

We decided to take a chance and get a bottle of White Sangria to drink while we were there. It was such a lovely evening after the rain.

I’m really looking forward to visiting even more Indiana wineries! I think this is how we’re going to celebrate my birthday in a few weeks!


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