Country Heritage Winery


I recently made my first tip to a winery with some friends. Thankfully, I’d attended a wine tasting party a few months ago, so I had some clue of what I was doing, or at least I looked like I did.

img_5587We visited Country Heritage Winery in LaOtto, Indiana. I was a little intimidated because I had no idea what I was doing and hadn’t ever been to a winery.

I sampled six wines and purchased four. The Pineapple wasn’t very good. I thought that it had a hint of pineapple, but tasted more like rubbing alcohol smells. The Wine Slush was a delish sangria.

I brought home the Fall Harvest, Heritage Red, Heritage White, and Heritage Rose. I think that the Heritage White was my favorite of the wines that I purchased.

I’m really looking forward to visiting more wineries in the future and learning more about wine tasting.

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