Eliminating Waste on Grocery Trips

I’ve been thinking quite a bit about Zero Waste. While I know that it probably isn’t feasible for me to completely eliminate trash from my life, I know that I could (and should) be making an effort to reduce the amount of trash my family and I create.

I go to the grocery store a couple of times a week. Once for our big grocery trip to get the staples, and a few times a week to get whatever we’ve randomly ran out of and fresh produce.

Kroger said that they plan to eliminate the use of plastic grocery bags in their stores by 2025. I already have several reusable bags from various places. I also wouldn’t have to save a plastic bag of plastic bags to take back to the store to recycle.

Grocery Bags

via Amazon

When it comes to things that come home that really aren’t needed, all of those thin, plastic bags. If it’s a heavy item, they’re double-bagged, so there’s another bag. Not to mention snagging it on anything, and there’s a hole. Reusable Grocery Bags

Produce Bags

via Amazon

With one piece of produce, there’s really no need for a bag, just put them together on the belt. However, when buying more that one, I like to have a bag to put them in. Not only are the produce bags a pain because items have to be taken out of the bags when you get home, it’s also more plastic bag waste to recycle. Reusable Produce Bags

Reusable Bulk Bags

via Amazon

Bulk items. We really don’t have a place that has much bulk anymore. It’s started to make a comeback in some of our grocery stores, but it’s still a relatively small section. Most bulk bags can also be used for produce. You can get a set that is good for both, depending on your needs. Reusable Bulk Bags.

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