Welcome to Wisconsin

We ended the first leg of our Spring Break in Pleasant Prairie/Kenosha, Wisconsin.

As soon as we got out of Illinois, we stopped at a rest area to walk around a bit and see about finding a hotel and food in the area.

Navy left one of our Kindness Rocks on the sofa machine. Then, we heading a little further north to our hotel.

We ate at the Brat Stop. They had a good variety of food. Lily ordered a cheeseburger with mustard and pickles only. Navy and I shared a gyro platter (that he ended up not liking and only eating the side salad and tomatoes).

Back at the hotel, we did a little bit of swimming to burn some energy from being in the car for 5 hours. We were the only ones there, so we had the whole pool to ourselves. It was so nice.

After swimming, went went to chill in our room. Lily watched some videos on YouTube while Navy and I played Uno.

Tomorrow, Wisconsin Dells!

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