Girl Scouts: Ornaments and Chore Charts


Making ornaments and chore doorknob hangers.

Tonight, the Daisies made ornaments. They got to make one to take home and another to donate.
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Troop Tuesday: Cards for the Troops


Girl Scouts

Such a fun Girl Scout meeting!

The girls made Christmas cards for the troops overseas and made pinecone turkeys to take home.

If you’re interested, you can become a volunteer! Volunteers make it happen, from being leaders to helping chaperone field trips.

Great Tree Canopy Comeback


Girl Scout Daisies. Troop 20257.

Our Girl Scout troop was invited by the New Haven Parks & Recreation Dept to plant trees in Moser Park. With shovels in hand, and a little brother in tow, we went to the park.

Let’s just say that I was not prepared for the level of mud. (This is a recurring theme with our two most recent Girl Scout events.)

I think we assisted in planting 3-4 trees.

The following was information I found on the Fort Wayne Parks & Recreation Dept website:
11th Annual Great Tree Canopy Comeback, a grassroots movement to combat the critical loss of trees inFort Wayne. Our city and region is facing the devastation of the emerald ash borer; about one in four of our city street trees are ash and they will soon be gone.

More than 250 trees were planted across Allen County, and we got to be part of it!