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Sleep Isn’t Overrated

I really thought that we were seeing some progress with Lily’s sleep.


Lily’s sleep stats for November 18-22.

Last week, she was getting her 9 hours of sleep 28% (2 nights out of 7) or having uninterrupted sleep 14% (1 night out of 7).

This week, she got her 9 hours of sleep 28% (2 nights out of 7) and had uninterrupted sleep 0% (0 nights out of 7).

It seems that she gets the quality or the quantity of sleep, but not both. On the nights that she gets enough sleep, she tends to have several periods of being awake. On nights that her sleep is uninterrupted, she doesn’t seem to get enough.

ADHD is notorious for causing sleep problems.

I relayed this to the nurse today. She really felt that it was a question more for the doctor.

We had discussed trying low-dose Clonidine to help her sleep. Clonidine (Catapres) is a blood pressure medication, but treating sleep issues associated with ADHD is one for Clonidine’s off-label uses.

We are going to try this for a week and follow-up. I’m hopeful. Even if this doesn’t work or has minimal results, we’ve eliminated one more thing.

ADHD and Sleep
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Off-label use of clonidine