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Project 365: Day 151 – To Be a Kid in Summer


When we watered our garden this evening, Lily took little sips of cool water from the sprinkler.

Project 365: Day 134 – Pallet Garden


Half our garden is done. Hoping the plants that had to wait to be planted pull through. My little gardener accidentally over-watered and washed too much porting soil away.

DIY details on out pallet garden soon!!

Project 365: Day 133 – Hibiscus


We went to Main’s Flowers & Garden (find them on Foursquare) to get some more vegetable plants for our garden. We picked out zucchini and watermelon. Probably going again to replace our strawberry and grape tomato plants.

I also live the hibiscus bushes ($24.99) and trees ($49.99), but the price is too rich for my blood. Not to mention I have no green thumb whatsoever. I still think they’re pretty, so I will take pictures whenever I’m there.

Project 365: Day 118 – Arbor Day


In honor of Arbor Day, we went to Main’s Flowers to get some plants for our garden.

We were not able to plant a tree because we have a rather small yard, and I didn’t call to have buried lines marked.

I picked out a couple of tomato plants and a broccoli plant. Lily had asked if she could pick one, too. She picked a strawberry plant.

Hoping we won’t have to worry about frost…in May…and can plant our garden next week.