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Another Fundraiser

I don’t mind fundraisers. I know that the money goes towards things the kids want and need at school (like playground equipment and special events prizes).

I’m rather frustrating when we have so many fundraisers. The school year started with Gold Canyon candles. We had Girl Scout cookies for two months. Plus, there is Market Day every month, and the monthly specials (cookies, pies) for that.

So, when Lily brought this home the other day, I decided that we were opting out. We’ve done our fair share of fundraising!

Yet, I still looked at the catalog because I’m a sucker like that.

Show and Tell


Lily had her first show and tell for kindergarten. She took on Rainbow, the bear she made at Build a Bear this summer.

She said that she told her class all about Rainbow’s magic. If you squeeze Rainbow’s hand, a magic sound plays.

She has another show and tell next week, too!!

Project 365: Day 228 – Second Day of School


Day two of our new school routine was okay. Lily has been so excited about starting school that she has trouble getting to sleep at night. This leads to a rough morning.

She had a minor tantrums because she wore her new denim capris/crop pants. She was upset they weren’t pants and that they weren’t shorts.

From what she told me, it was a good day. She packed her lunch. The only thing she really ate was her pickle, but she drank most if her milk.

So far, she seems to be off to a good start!