Project 365: Day 32 – The Path to Debt Free


Today, I paid off two credit cards. Iy felt great to finally be done with them.

The one that I’m especially proud of is GE Capital. It was a great card, but when circumstances prevented me from making the payments, they refused to work with me. Today, I just settled. I’m just done trying to work with them to pay it off, only for the fees to prevent that.

Yes, I know my credit score takes a hit. It cannot be any worse that what it has been with the problems I’ve had with GE Capital.

I’ve also taken a chance to take inventory of my debts. I’m please that I have 2 credit cards left. Both companies were helpful with my circumstances and have worked with me. I am grateful and will continue to be a customer.

My only other debts are my house and student loan. Both of which I’m chipping away at.

Did I also mention, I actually have money in my savings right now? Been a while since I could brag about that!

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