Happy 1st Birthday, Navy!


We celebrated Navy’s first birthday. He was surrounded by family and friends that love him. It was a great day!!


Navy and his cousin, Brayden, who is 4 days older got to hang out and play together. So excited for them to grow up together.


Such a delicious cake. Nicole always does a great job.


She even made Navy his very own cake.


He dug in right away. This boy did not need to be told twice.


His cousin, Aleesha, eliminated the effort and tipped his cake up so he could eat it.


Young and full of sugar. What’s a birthday bounties do next?!


Navy opened his presents. He received lots of Thomas the Tank Engine and Cars. Two of his favorite things.

Of course, all of those pictures on the computer right now. Will try to get them posted soon.

Tomorrow is Navy’s actual birthday. We will have a mini celebration at home with leftover cake and ice cream.

I can’t believe my little baby boy will be one…

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