Project 365: Day 35 – The Kindness of Strangers


This is how my morning started. Got the kids loaded in the car with time to spare. Was driving slowly. Slid a little, corrected a little. Slid a little more, corrected a little more. Spun. Slid into ditch.

A lady driving by stopped and said she would ask her dad if he could help us since he had a truck. She drove by 5 minutes later to let us know he was on the way.

While we waited, Lily told me, “Our can spinned in circles, and she got really dizzy, but that’s okay because it was fun.” She also said she wanted to do it again.

Mike arrived and surveyed my dilemma. He said we needed to get the snow away from the wheels, then go up the embankment at an angle.

Meanwhile, Dad arrived and made sure we were all okay, which we were. I was much more calm at that point.

Mike got the tow strap in place. The first tug was unproductive and my tires spun. The second one got me back on the road.

So grateful for the kindness of strangers!!

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