2015 Review: As the Year Draws to a Close

As 2015 comes to a close, I’ve been reflecting on things that have happened in the last year. Some good. Some bad.

January went by in a flash. It usually does.

February brought about the birthday of my sweet, little Navy. He turned the big 4. He had an awesome race car party with a Cars theme.

In March, we celebrated Lily’s birthday pretty low-key. We ate at one of her favorite Japanese restaurants. She loves hibachi shrimp and sushi. Not much longer, and she’ll be double-digits.

April was a pretty crazy month. We bought a new vehicle, the mini van that I’ve been pining for. I cannot wait to take it on lots of great adventures in the coming year.

May was a bit of a struggle. Big, heartbreaking changes for our family. I had a lot of personal growth. Very painful.

We had a lot of much needed craziness in June. We went to the New Haven Canal Days and Hoagland Days. We ate lots of fair food. We also started geocaching, which has been pretty fun!

July was a bit of a selfish month. I worked a lot of running and getting fit. However, we did go to see the Nickel Plate 765, and Lily had her Girl Scout camping trip.

It seems that August is the unofficial end of summer. Lily started 3rd grade. I also hit a concrete pole with the side of our new van. Fun times!

September send my baby off to his second year of preschool. We developed an obsession with chicken wings. We found some leaves that were already starting to change. Fall isn’t far…

We had lots of fun in October. So many fall and harvest things going on. Not to mention my birthday and Halloween. The fire department visited our Girl Scout troop. Lily also make the Principal’s Honor Roll! We planted trees as part of the Great Tree Canopy Comeback. Lily and I ran a 5k.

November just flew by. We went to a Komets game. Lily had her school program. We celebrated some family members’ birthdays. Navy broke his foot.

Lastly, December. It was a pretty rough month. I knew the holidays would be difficult, but everything from this year kind of just got to me. The kids had a great Christmas. Lots of Legos and art supplies.

December 31st is an ideal place to leave everything bad from 2015.

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