Adobo-Glazed Chicken

Adobo-Glazed Chicken
with Garlic Rice and Green Beans


Lily loves soy, so this Adobo sauce was a perfect addition to the chicken. She also likes rice, so it was a good meal.

Kitchen items to get out:

Ingredients not included:


Ingredients included in the box: Scallions, Garlic, Chicken, Rice,  Soy sauce, White wine vinegar, Ketchup, Green beans.

The soy sauces were so cute! Yes, I totally rinsed them out. Not sure what I’m going to do with them yet.


I waited too long to make this meal. The green beans were past their expiration date and were starting to get a little funky. I had these Schwan’s green beans in the freezer, so they were a nice substitute.


I used my mini food processor to make mincing the garlic go so much faster and not have smelly fingers. The hardest part of making the glaze was cooking it down. I let it simmer the suggested amount of time, but it didn’t thicken up. It ended up taking another 5 or so minutes.


The chicken was perfect. Tender. Juicy. I liked the sauce, but really wished that there was more. I think that if I make this recipe again, I would double the amount of sauce and finish it under the broiler. The sauce was a perfect compliment to the sauce.

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