Buffalo Chicken Meatball Sliders

Buffalo Chicken Meatball Sliders
with Carrot Fries and Greek Yogurt Ranch


I have been looking forward to making this meal from our Plated box. I love buffalo sauce, but I’ve never actually made it.


Kitchen items to get out:

Items not in your box:

Ingredients in your box: Brioche slider buns, Garlic, Carrots, Chives, Mayo, Buttermilk, Greek yogurt, Breadcrumbs, Mozzarella cheese, Sriracha, Ground chicken, Butter.


Chopping the vegetables and getting everything ready was kind of disappointing. This was the second meal from Plated that had nasty chives. Seriously, what is that creamy slime on my chives?! (More on that here!)


This meal was a mess. Not only was the ground chicken to work with, the Sriracha packets kept falling over after I cut them open.


Navy doesn’t like buffalo, so we made this meal while he wasn’t home. Lily wasn’t a big fan of the sauce, and she doesn’t like bread. She did try both. I really didn’t like the sauce and the meatball made it difficult to eat. I think with a few tweaks (a different buffalo sauce recipe and making the chicken into a patty), this would be a meal that would better fit our family.

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