eMeals: What I Really Thought

I signed up for eMeals a few months ago.


It was really nice to get the recipes for the following week a few days before the week started. I wasn’t rushed to get to the grocery store to buy everything that was needed for the week’s meals.

Another great thing: the grocery list is included. It tells you how much chicken you will need for the week and which meals you’ll need it for. That was also a downfall because some of the food spoiled before we have a chance to eat it (mostly the vegetables).

There were a variety of meals. Our menu had one vegetarian dish, a seafood dish, pork, chicken, beef, and turkey. It was nice to change things up and try something difference. We ran into the problem that Navy doesn’t like seafood, so that was another meal that I had to work around.


I wish that I would have been able to pick and choose from the other plans. I currently use the Clean Eating plan, but would have liked to use some of the recipes from the other plans.

It took some time and some tweaking, but we finally found what works for us.

For one, I pick a few meals from our current plan that work for our family. Then, I switch to another one of the menu plans that eMeals has. Yes, it is more time consuming that just printing the recipes and the grocery list, but it also ensures that I have meals that my whole family will eat and gives us “wiggle room” for nights that we eat out, grill out, and left-overs.

eMeals also offers an app. Honestly, I usually forget that I even have the app because I do most of my meal planning and grocery list on the laptop.

Is it worth it? For us, it was. It gave us new things to try that I wouldn’t have searched out otherwise. While I don’t use their list each week, it helped me start making a more efficient grocery list.

You can for eMeals here. They offer a 14 day free trial to see what you think of the service.

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